Magpie Trap

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The Magpie Trap: A Novel

The Magpie has landed! Now available to purchase from all good booksellers (including BordersAmazon, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones), A.J Kirby's debut novel,The Magpie Trap is a high-octane crime/ thriller. This page examines the novel in detail. For purchase information, please contact the author, or search under these details:

Title: The Magpie Trap; Author: A.J Kirby; Publisher: Youwriteon/ Legend Press; ISBN: 9781849238830  Price: £7.99



Questions from The Magpie Trap

The moral questions and social comment in the book are telling and unforgiving, as it explores the dilemma of educating people out of the rat run, and then putting them straight back into it at the end of university: into the cliched world of the young executive in the new urban splash of Leeds. We explore the seeming emptiness of their lives, apart from clubs, pubs, restaurants and casinos- the common denominator being alcohol.


Can you escape the Magpie Trap?

- Is lucre really filthy, or is it our need for it that is really the thing that stains us?

- Who sees our true selves? Who isn't putting on an act?

- How far can we determine the path of our lives? Is there such a thing as fate?

- How much responsibility do we, as individuals, have in changing the unsatisfactory aspects of modern living?

- Can we still have dreams, and, if so, how many of them hinge on having obscene amounts of money? And why is this the case? Can we be happy with money borne of corruption?


Contact A.J Kirby directly for any advance orders: